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Pinball Electronics Boards And Kits

24/06/24: Sega Magnet Controller Boards are now back in stock. Purple PCBs again. A few small improvements to the proven upgraded design for this batch inc. standoffs for power resistors. Head to the store page to order one for Twister or Goldeneye.

24/06/24: Squawk & Talk Sound Boards Boards are now all sold out again. We are in the process of making more. Contact us to get on the wait list like before. This will be batch 8.

17/05/24: Gottlieb 80B Boards are now back in stock :). Head to the store page to order now as they sell fast. We are also going through all the people on the wait list and will contact you when a board is assigned to you. We now have over 275 80B boards out in the world saving games. Boards come with full dip switches installed and nvram battery free operation as standard :)

09/11/20: Mod Power Boards are now back in stock. Grab one now whilst we still have some! Take the load of your aging WPC driver board. Great for Colour DMD Screen and other mods. :)

24/08/20: Apollo 13 Moon Magnet driver boards are now available in the store. Fix that broken moon magnet in your game. :)

30/06/20: Our new Pinball 2000 Software Updater Application is now available for download. Update your Pinball 2000 games using any modern computer. See here for more info

Adventures in PinballAdventures in Pinball - Pinball 2000 Software Update Default Screen
Adventures in Pinball
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Adventures in Pinball - Revenge From Mars Software Update v2.50 - Please Donate If You Use
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