myPinballs | Revenge From Mars Software Rewrite Code Updates
This is the update log for our Revenge From Mars Software update. This update is an unofficial fan made update and is given for free to the community. Install at your own risk. No warranty is given or implied. We hope you like the changes.

If you would like to support future software updates and mypinballs electronics in general, please consider donating :|) Thanks

Game Changes
Double Scoring - NEW FEATURE! Awarded from the stoke of luck
Capture Multiball - Now can use smart bombs to add 3 additional balls into play if trough is upgraded
Alien Abduction - Improved the family setting logic for various speech calls. The more dubious calls outs are removed now with the setting on. Before some callouts were still in place regardless.
Bottom Lanes - Improved the family setting logic for various speech calls on drain. The more dubious calls outs are removed now with the setting on. Before some callouts were still in place regardless.
Hurry Up- Improved the family setting logic for various speech calls. The more dubious calls outs are removed now with the setting on. Before some callouts were still in place regardless.
Shaker - Added new adjustment for power percentage to allow fine tuning of intensity for effects

Game Changes
Ball Save - New transparent mode start font overlay graphic screen instead of std text
Martian Attack - New London scene background option
Multiball - New abandoned amusement park scene background option
Extra Ball - Use the animation for replay awards instead of text
Bonus Wave - Added Shaker effects for bonus award shots

XINA 1.36
System - Updates to allow future game updates to be max 8mb in size instead of max 4mb

Game Changes
Party Mode - Added new Party mode - Score War. When this mode is enabled all shots to the stroke of luck hole when lit award 10% score reduction for other players. Games must have 2 or more players active for it to be enabled as well as having the setting enabled. Only play with people you are friends with and get on well with!! :)
Party Mode - Updated text on settings that require a reboot to be enabled
Stroke Of Luck - Added new award - Odd Change awards a random score award from 2500 & 10Mil
Stroke Of Luck - Added new award - Add 10% Player Score
Stroke of Luck - Improved Collect Bonus Integration. End of Ball Graphics now play when awarded aswell as receiving the score calculated
Stroke of Luck - Added new award : Reduce other players scores by 10%
Stroke of Luck - Added new Award : 2 Martian Bombs
Stroke of Luck - Added new Award : +10X Bonus
Happy Hour - When drunk flippers restore from a multi ball mode ending the ball save timer is started to catch any mishaps with the change back.
Power Drain - fixed a minor issue where the feature may still run at the end of multi-ball if it was queued up previously. Ie it wasn't been canceled cleanly
Right Popper (Stroke of Luck) - Improved logic to fix a bug where a payback time award would conflict with a lit martian attack mode and result in no ball being kicked out for the payback time duration
Mothership - is now trough aware and will launch 1 - the max number of trough balls at mode start. i.e 3 or 5.
Payback Time - Fixed a bug where the mode could be started more than once
Payback Time - Fixed a bug where the alternating left and right shots were not alternating correctly
Payback Time - Fixed a bug with the playfield lamps showing what shot was lit
Alien Abduction - Added more speech, some adult!
Attract - Added more speech to flipper button presses
Paris in Peril - Added more Speech
End of Ball - Added more Speech
Ball Save - Added more Speech
Secret Weapon - Added more Speech

XINA 1.35
PinGame - Added new method score_player_reduce() to allow reduction of player scores for new features and inter player battles

Game Changes
Power Drain - New Feature! Inspired from Dialed In. During Martian Attack Multiball certain shots must be completed in time otherwise the big martian will attack your flippers for a short period!!
Midnight Madness - Updates to support multiple sizes of troughs
Capture Multiball - add a ball now supports multiple sizes of troughs
Scene - Fixed an issue where the ball save was broken for scene endings. Where the ball drains and is not held by the up post as the scene end runs.
Hurry Up - Improved graphics interaction with scene manager, especially at end of scenes where a hurry up is still running.
Hurry up - Now gets stopped when the scene ends if its not been collected and is still running
Happy Hr - regular flippers are now restored if a multi-ball mode runs during this mode, pausing the happy hr mode
Happy Hr - Drunk flippers are resumed once any higher priority mode has finished (multi ball) modes. Possibly makes the games alittle more tricky, so players need to be alert!
Happy Hr - Added new graphics and speech calls to tell players about normal flippers if changing from drunk and vise versa
Attract - Fixed a few missing lamps from the std twinkle effect
System - 6 ball trough now recognised once extra hardware installed
System - Reverted to original v1.5 Sound File

XINA 1.34 Update
System - Added new additional baud speeds new updater software program
Hidden Images - Removed some old images to make more flash ram space for game code updates and allow original computer systems to still receive the latest code updates

Game Changes
Attract - Added new high score screen for saucer lights collected
Attract - Added new high score screen for saucers destroyed during multi ball
Saucer Lights - added monitoring and storage of saucer lights per player game for hs use
Multiball - added monitoring and storage of saucers destroyed per player game for hs use
Multiball - fixed a bug where some ship destroyed shots would not shake the shaker

XINA 1.33 Update
Credits - Added a new setting to allow reset of the credits at boot
Credits - Credits are now cleared on boot if the setting is set
System - Added some new colour definitions - Purple, Turquoise, Brown

Game Changes
Attract - Added mypinballs logo to software version screen
Attract - Added clock and date display with adjustments
Attract - Added midnight madness ready detection to clock display
Attack Mars - Lowered default champ score to 200mil
Scene - Added midnight madness ready detection
Martian Bombs - Added new playfield lamp effect to aid player when martian bombs are lit (using shooter lane GI lamps)
Midnight Madness - Added New Mode. Start a game close to midnight'
Tower Struggle - Added more shaker effects - To martian splats and saucer explodes
System - Fixed problem with optional martian lamps showing up in lamp test as broken
Bonus Wave - added new lamp effects for active wave using saucer and mode feature lamps
Bonus Wave - added new lamp effects to show global game progression during mode
Drive in Demolition - added More shaker effects to tank and car/truck weapons
Party Modes - New feature. Select special flipper options for party play
Happy Hour - Added new feature for 'drunk' flippers

XINA 1.32 Update
Lamps - Add option to ignore lamp test. For use if LEDs are installed
Lamps - Added experimental RC charge and decay values for better LED lamp testing
System - Improved some Adjustment setting housekeeping
System - Added new menu item for party modes
Flippers - amended the logic for bad eos switch flipper retriggering as this conflicts now with a no hold party mode.

Game Changes
Quick-Shot - Feature lamp effects improved for active hurry up
Quick-Shot - Added timer pausing for when ball enters/exits jets and upper lanes
Quick-Shot - Added timer pausing for when ball enters exits stroke of luck
Quick-Shot - fixed bug where some scenes background graphics were lost after hurry up ended (achieved or not)
Quick-Shot - Added speech for start and shot success
Quick-Shot- Added shaker effects for shot success
Question Mark - Percentage of mode selection updated. Autopsy now most likely mode
Question Mark - Martian Aerobics, renamed Martian Invaders
Capture Multiball - Added sneaky lock acknowledgement (lock from rear when lit avoiding diverter)
Capture Multiball - Added speech for ball locks
Capture Multiball - Added option for add_a_ball
Capture Multiball - Added add a ball display effect/ graphics
Bottom Lanes - added add a ball logic in conjunction with stroke of luck during multi ball play
Stroke of Luck - added add a ball logic during multi ball play (main, martian, bonus etc)
Circle Shots - Missiles are now only collected/fired when there is an unlit missile circle insert on the playfield
Circle Shots - Completing a set (4) missile shots now ups the bonus multiplier by 1 each time (on that ball)
Attract - updated lamp patterns to fix missing saucer rim 9 lamp on main pattern strobe
Attract - updated lamp patterns on searchlight pattern to fix some missing lamps and some in wrong section
Skill Shot - Fixed Super Skill Shot activation which was broken
Outlane - Improved sound and speech calls logic
Bonus Wave - Changed balls in play start to 2
Bonus Wave - Added option for add_a_ball
Mothership - Changed balls in play start to 3
System - Added shaker hardware control
System - Added knocker hardware control
System - Added adjustments for shaker installed
System - Added Adjustments for knocker installed
Quick-Shot - Added extra sound for mode start
Hypno Beam - Fixed a bug where the new champion score would not be recorded
Hypno Beam - Reworked (lowered) the shot levels now there is a champion score to make destroying multiple beams more interesting and worthwhile
Hypno Beam - Adjusted extra ball award for destroyed beams to 4
Bonus Wave - Disabled add a ball when entering sudden death (1 ball in play)
Capture Multiball -Added shaker effects for super jackpot and regular jackpots
Martian Multiball - Added shaker effects for hitting and destroying large martian
Drive in Demolition - Added shaker effects for nuke
Drive in Demolition - Removed the mode start points (2 mil) seeing as its now startable from game start
Tower Struggle - Added shaker effects for tower collapse
Secret Weapon - Added shaker effects to end scene, upper cut and mothership explode
Alien Abduction - Added shaker effects to ramp shots and destroying centre saucer
Martian Happy Hour - Added shaker effects to martian kills
Big O Beam - Added shaker effects to barn hits
Paris in Peril - Added shaker effects to martian kills and catapult hits
Mars Needs Women - Added shaker effects to console destroy and glass crack
Payback Time - Roughed in first pass of this mode - enabled at sol after main multi ball and martian multi ball completed
Secret Weapon - Fixed a bug with the update of martian rejuvenation on the energy bar graphics

XINA 1.31 Update
Reverted to 3 characters for high scores. Some game specifics are hard coded for 3
Added real knocker option instead of simulated sounds when enabled

Game Changes
Quick-Shot - Hurry up feature created - Shoot drop target to collect countdown score
Quick-Shot - Graphics animations (Mothership used from martian aerobics), text and boxes created.
Quick-Shot - Progressive scoring, Each successful award increases start value
Secret Weapon - altered the amount of speech in the mode when shots made
Secret Weapon - added ROUND X FIGHT speech with adj option to mode start
Secret Weapon - added stooge fight move to ramp shots
Secret Weapon - decreased punch and kick move effectiveness for easy centre shots
Secret Weapon - Added language translations for name and settings
Secret Weapon - Saucer light now requires completing all robot-lincoln moves
Secret Weapon - Martian now rejuvenates if Abe is idle for too long
Circle Shots - Missile Champ Added
Circle Shots - Missile awards now offer Martian bombs at certain thresholds
Circle Shots - Missile awards now offer Ball Save restart at certain thresholds
Circle Shots - Missile awards now offer Quick-Shot at certain thresholds
Circle Shots - Missile points awards are bigger and easier to get, plus there more of them
Circle Shots - Missiles total now awards a champ entry if beaten
Hypnobeam - Beams destroyed now awards a champ entry if beaten
Attract - Added new lamp show effect - searchlight
Attract - Added new lamp show effect - sweep up and down
Attract - Updated the regular playfield lamp strobing effect
Attract - Missile Champ Screen Added
Attract - Hypnobeam Champ Added
Attract - added more speech call options to flipper button presses
Attract - Removed Dillon Tribute to gain more ram space
Scene - Now can start from the saucer modes in the centre
Ball Save - Balls are now autolaunched from shooter lane at correct time
Service Mode - updated video test alignment image to save ram, 200k freed
Service Mode - cleaned up brightness/contrast levels on video test alignment image
Stroke of Luck - Added ball save award
Stroke of Luck - Added collect bonus award
Stroke of Luck - Added 2 million award
Stroke of Luck - Removed saucer light award

XINA 1.30 Update
Video test alignment graphics optimised and cleaned up to free valuable flash memory
Test system info menu updated with more colours for versions
Test system info now states 'custom build' - lets not upset anyone! ;)
Ball Saver class changes for better game autolaunch in RFM build

*Will run on pinbox and original hardware
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