myPinballs | Revenge From Mars Software Rewrite Code Updates
This is the update log for our Revenge From Mars Software update. This update is an unofficial fan made update and is given for free to the community. Install at your own risk. No warranty is given or implied. We hope you like the changes.

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Game Changes
Quick-Shot - Hurry up feature created - Shoot drop target to collect countdown score
Quick-Shot - Graphics animations (Mothership used from martian aerobics), text and boxes created.
Quick-Shot - Progressive scoring, Each successful award increases start value
Secret Weapon - altered the amount of speech in the mode when shots made
Secret Weapon - added ROUND X FIGHT speech with adj option to mode start
Secret Weapon - added stooge fight move to ramp shots
Secret Weapon - decreased punch and kick move effectiveness for easy centre shots
Secret Weapon - Added language translations for name and settings
Secret Weapon - Saucer light now requires completing all robot-lincoln moves
Secret Weapon - Martian now rejuvenates if Abe is idle for too long
Circle Shots - Missile Champ Added
Circle Shots - Missile awards now offer Martian bombs at certain thresholds
Circle Shots - Missile awards now offer Ball Save restart at certain thresholds
Circle Shots - Missile awards now offer Quick-Shot at certain thresholds
Circle Shots - Missile points awards are bigger and easier to get, plus there more of them
Circle Shots - Missiles total now awards a champ entry if beaten
Hypnobeam - Beams destroyed now awards a champ entry if beaten
Attract - Added new lamp show effect - searchlight
Attract - Added new lamp show effect - sweep up and down
Attract - Updated the regular playfield lamp strobing effect
Attract - Missile Champ Screen Added
Attract - Hypnobeam Champ Added
Attract - added more speech call options to flipper button presses
Attract - Removed Dillon Tribute to gain more ram space
Scene - Now can start from the saucer modes in the centre
Ball Save - Balls are now autolaunched from shooter lane at correct time
Service Mode - updated video test alignment image to save ram, 200k freed
Service Mode - cleaned up brightness/contrast levels on video test alignment image
Stroke of Luck - Added ball save award
Stroke of Luck - Added collect bonus award
Stroke of Luck - Added 2 million award
Stroke of Luck - Removed saucer light award

XINA 1.30 Update
Video test alignment graphics optimised and cleaned up to free valuable flash memory
Test system info menu updated with more colours for versions
Test system info now states 'custom build' - lets not upset anyone! ;)
Ball Saver class changes for better game autolaunch in RFM build

*Will run on pinbox and original hardware
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