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We hope you like using our new Pinball 2000 Software Updater Program. The plan/mission being to make a brand new Pinball 2000 software update program from scratch that would run on any hardware i.e Windows, Mac OSX and Linux and also update any game hardware ie original or Pinbox/Nucore systems. The update process is 100% original written from the ground up using modern programming languages, but remains fully compatible with original Pinball 2000 hardware and also fully supports updating Pinbox/Nucore systems via the GUI to.

Aswell as providing new updating options, the software program allows the view/download and print of any games internal audit data.

Please see below to download the latest version of the software for your platform and also summary instructions on how to use.

The software requires a licence key to use the update facilities which can be purchased from us below. The licence key is valid for 1 installation computer of your choice, will recieve free updates for 1 year and is not limited to the number of games or system types available to update. When you have installed the application, email us the auto generated application key from the preferences window to receive your unique licence key.

Pinball 2000 Software Update Default Screen When the application loads you will be presented with the screen shown on the left. This is the main application window and where you will see all your update files once placed in the correct folder. When the application first starts a new folder will be placed in your documents folder named 'Pinball 2000'. This is where you should place any update .exe files you have. Also if you want to use an external drive insead, you can select the external drive options shown in the upper right hand corner. Files on external drives should be in the root location.

Whilst develpoing the new software we also tested many different leads and cables. We now offer a full set of leads for use with the software below. Using these leads will make detection of serial ports on modern operating systems very straight forward.

  • Download instructions summary sheet
  • Download Application for Mac OSX
  • Download Application for Windows
  • Download Application for Windows (32-bit)
  • Download Application for Linux
  • Manual Update Help for Pinbox/Nucore systems
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    Buy a software licence

    Buy an update lead set

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