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Welcome to the worldwide tournament system for Revenge from Mars (Williams 1999 Pinball 2000 game). 10 years ago a small tournament system was written to communicate with Pinball 2000 games. Today, we expand on that idea. We've developed our own complete tournament system with full compatibility to the existing pinball software that allows anyone with a Revenge from Mars game to participate in a worldwide tournament from the comfort of their own home.... Yes, players can compete against each other on opposite sides of the world and see their scores submitted instantly to our servers.

Buy our iPhone App Here And now you can get the latest live scores from the system direct on your iPhone. Never again be apart from the high score lists and miss the latest changes while you are out and about. Proceeds from the app will go to maintaining this service, so please tell your friends.

Update 09/12/2023: Rise from the ashes my friend! We are re-investigating the usefulness and operation of this service, aswell as performing some long needed housekeeping and upgrades. Its been in a deep sleep for 13 years, so will need some work to bring it back into full action again. It may return soon, Stay tuned pinball addicts...

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system status
Uptime 174 Days
Software Version v1.2.2
Registered Players 111
HSTD Last Beaten 16/10/2009
Last Score Submitted 09/12/2023
Total Games Played 2464
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